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Welcome to an incredible opportunity to make money!

Becoming an affiliate with Head Start Biz Funding can truly change your life. We have the most lucrative program out there and will continue to reward those who help. We have created a series of videos that will help guide you through the process and allow you to get involved today.

The first video is meant to give you a background on us and what we do. It is a company overview with a few extra pieces of information. Click play below.

Now that you have an understanding of what we do and how to sign up, the next step is to become familiar with your back office. Everything is tracked and neatly organized to keep your life simple. Please click play on the video below and get acquainted with your new dashboard.

After you have a grasp on where to find what you need, you must choose a focus. The video below will help guide you in your decision making process.

After you have completed these videos please CLICK HERE to continue. You will be asked for a password so please be sure to contact us once you have signed up and viewed your dashboard and let us know what you would like to focus on.

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