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Commercial Lending

How To Get Your Commercial Deal Funded!

The general rule of thumb is those who write the checks also write the rules when it comes to funding. There is a specific process that must be followed and going outside of it causes delays, frustration from both parties, and will even kill the deal. At Head Start Biz Funding we will do everything that we can to help you prepare and submit your deal the right way so you have the best chance of being approved.

Initially we will request that you complete a Commercial Loan Inquiry form which asks some simple questions in regards to your project. We first need to know if your project is something that we can help get funded. Please DO NOT provide other documents besides what is requested. We will not review a 40 page business plan as an example. The packet is in fillable format so please download by clicking on the name, fill in the requested information, click print and then save to upload.

Commercial Loan Inquiry

After you have taken the time to fill in the proper information all you have to do is upload the document right here on this page. We will start working on your project right away and be in contact for further directions.

There will be other documents requested after we confirm it is a deal that we can get funded such as Financials, a 3 Year Pro-Forma, as well as a Feasibility study. Some projects require more than others and there will be due diligence done on the lenders end. Be prepared for the other 3 mentioned in the near future after submitting.

Head Start Biz Funding does not charge upfront fees when it comes to commercial lending. We will negotiate a small finder’s fee for the assistance in getting you the funds that you need. Initially we need to take a look and see if we believe the project can get funded and have the right source to bring the money to the table.

Please upload your files here and we will be in contact. We look forward to helping you.

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